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The Uffizi Gallery is not simply one of the most important museums in Europe. It was one of the first museums in the world and it hosted a private collection of one of the richest families in Europe, the Medicis.

Such an important dynasty that Netflix coproduced the television drama series about them, no wonder you are curious to discover the real story of the family. An extraordinary family, the House of the Medici was among the most important in Florence for 300 years.

The Bargello was the first political building in Florence, it was started in the middle of the Thirteenth century, a visit in this museum will bring you back to ancient times, you will literally step back into the Middle ages with its incredible stories.

A genius! But what does it mean really, how come that a young man from a small village in the countryside with apparently a simple life and without a formal education has become one of the best painters ever, one of the most successful engineers and musicians, a unique artist and a unique scientist.